It can be placed anywhere
there is a risk of fire such as pipes
electrical boards and boxes.

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Using the process of microencapsulation, the Cord makes it one of the safest and easiest way to protect electrical installations.

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reaction time

5 – 30s


60 months


No maintenance rneeded


160 C°




Novec 1230 – Cleanest agent


This innovative product combines the now widely accepted and well-proven method of fire retardant agent microencapsulation with breakthrough method of gas discharging.

The CORD is a new generation of fire suppressing products. The The CORD innovative product is a cord of composite material being a mixture of microcapsules with a heating compound. The CORD is placed within the protected local space so that it is located over each potential source of inflammation.

Under the effect of fire in any point on the CORD an initiation of heating compound occurs with subsequent chemical reaction throughout its length. The reaction is accompanied by heat discharge which results in the bursting of all microcapsules and the discharge of vapors of fire retardant agent, while the concentration of fire retardant agent (FRA) is reached in the local space that is necessary for the termination of inflammation.

To ensure mechanical strength of the product and to retain solid products of reaction the cord has fireproof gas-permeable shield. The shield also bears the functional feature its pitch regulates the propagation velocity of gas discharge front along the product.

Has the feature of fire detection, fire extinguishing and fire announcement. Extinguishes inflammation sources at early stages of fire, prevents distribution of fire beyond limits of a protected space.

Excludes repeated ignition in the protected space for up to 30 minutes, thanks to the effect of phlegmatization.

Discharges the fire retardant agent directly into the inflammation area, without increasing the concentration of hazardous substances in the air outside of the protected space. Simple and reliable in operation, easily integrates with standard systems of fire alarm and automatic fire suppression.

Compact and energy independent, does not require maintenance service. Does not create high temperatures and aggressive environments in the protected space. Has a wide temperature range of operation. Does not cause damage to equipment and personnel


The installation of the Cord is extremely easy; the installer simply has to to place the cord all around the area to protect.
Depending on the installation size, it can take from 30s to couple of minutes.
No installation is required nor maintenance for a 60 months period after initial installation.

All installers must be certified. If you are interested in joining our installer network, contact us!


The use of the Cord is infinite.
It can simply be placed anywhere where it respects the working parameters.

Hospitals/ Factories/ Plants

Museums/ Library/ Houses

Hotels/ Banks/ Shopping Centers

Offices/ Public Buildings






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