It eradicates
any risk of fire spreading
autonomously & instantaniously

By using a world unique micro-encapsulation technology that reacts as early as 5 seconds after the first spark arises.


5 - 60 seconds


60 months


No maintenance required


120 °C


Up to 90%

Non toxic

Novec 1230 - cleanest agent

The STICKER Mini is efficient for liquidation of fires of class A and B and is intended for the protection of electric sockets. It is placed directly in a protected socket (socket box), in a place where short circuit, overheating or spark formation is possible.
It does not require servicing.

Examples of applications include
any small-sizes electric devices, such as electric sockets, switches, junction boxes, closed elements of lighting fixtures, relay cases, electric motor connection boxes etc. ..

  • Operating temperature: 120C,
  • Ambient temperature: –50 to +80C.
  • No maintenance needed: 5 years

STICKERS (20, 30 and 50) are efficient for liquidation of fires of class A, B in power distribution boards, switch- boards, and other small-sized objects with a volume of 0.02 to 50 dm3 (cubic decimeters) and with no less then IP20 degree of protection (protection against solid bodies sized up to 12.5 mm, wind and draughts).

The digits part of STICKER index corresponds to protected volume in liters (dm3/lt). 

The STICKER is a flexible plate of composite fire suppressing material carried by self-adhesive substrate.

The installation is extremely simple: the plate just has to be stuck on the upper surface of the volume to protect.

The STICKER is designed for the use in any kind of premise, including residential. It can doze the extinguishing agent  in a strictly limited amount if necessary (when the operation temperature is reached). Thus, maximal safety for humans is ensured.



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